A long time ago in a land far away there was only Thai food and Sushi bars, at the time it was facinating and new but after a while things got bland, the feeling of Saturday night sushi or Thai food became stale, we then set out to make a change. From the two exotic Asian tastes infused into one unique experience, we will make history with Thai traditional cuisine and modern style infusion with Sushi. With our extensive experience in both Thai and Japanese cuisines our chefs have be able to take Asian fine dining to a whole new plane of existence. We encourage you to come join us on this adventure and experience first hand what we have to offer and if you're feeling a little creative, you may come up with your own custom mix as well! We are not your average sushi bar nor do we stick with our traditions. We are true to our roots yet we welcome innovation and change with open arms which has made us what we are today.


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